[Kobiton] Get automation snippet, re-name app on Kobiton

Hello team,

  1. I’d like to run a test through Kobiton, and wonder if there is any way to automatically get automation-snippet instead of doing manually. I go through Kobiton API Documentation, but there is only API to get all applications, get application by versionID or get application by appID. Assume that I have many apps there, how can I select the correct app (with corresponding OS) AND latest one to run test.

  2. One more question about the app-name, currently we have 2 apps on Kobiton (one for iOS and another one for Android) , they have same name. On Katalon, when choosing Kobiton, there is a dropdown to choose application file, but because they have same name, so it’s hard to choose the right one at the first time. Is there anyway to identify them ?

Hi @Tam1,

Sorry for the inconvenient, we will add app ID along with app name in the dropdown in some next releases.