Known Vulnerabilities with Katalon Studio: unable to exclude built-in libraries

I am trying to follow the instructions posted here: to exclude the following built in libraries: postgresql-42.2.17.jre7.jar and jackson-databind-2.11.2.jar, but the option to add an excluded library is disabled. Please advise.

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The option requires Katalon Studio Enterprise license.

I suppose that you use Katalon Studio Free plan, don’t you?

My apologies for not seeing your response sooner. We have a KSE license, and it’s associated my credentials. After entering my credentials and activating KSE, I have the option to add/remove in the External Libraries section, but am I still unable to add/remove in Exclude the following built-in libraries.


@fpva needs assistance by someone from Katalon.

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Thank you, escalating internally for more assistance on this.

Hi @fpiva Frank, could you help submit your concern here. This is a dedicated support portal for our paid client only since you’re using KSE. I understand that this requires you to re-submit your concern but this could help centralize the support effort and get you the solution quicker. Community Forum here is more of a crowd-support channels with Katalon experts from many industries and backgrounds globally, its response time may delay due to the crowd-support nature. Hope this helps.

Hi All,

Kindly be informed we updated PostgreSQL from 42.2.17.jre7 to 42.3.3 to resolve the CVE-2022-26520 and CVE-2022-21724 vulnerabilities in version 8.3.5.

Download version 8.3.5 here and See what has been added in this latest release at Release notes 8.3.5.