KatalonTube Video recordings are failed to maximise the browser window

  • Katalon Studio Version:8.0.5
  • OS Version:Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Browser Version:Version 100.0.4896.127 (Google Chrome)

The KatalonTube video recordings are failed to show the test recording instead it shows only the desktop. I can able to see the test is running in the browser but katalon failed to maximise the browser.

Expected Behaviour:
The Test run recordings shall maximise the browser all the time.



Do you use the WebUI.maximizeWindow() keyword or using another method/way?

Do the browser automically minimize after using the above keyword?

Additional note to the issue:

Failed browser maximisation issue is only happening when the Katalon tests get triggered by CI. No issues been noted when tests get run in local.

Yes we have maximise window method in place. And this issue is not occurring when I test it locally. Noted only occurring when CI triggering the Katalon tests. We use Azure CI pipeline to run Katalon tests nightly.

Any additional help to identify the issue/resolve will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.


I think @bionel has a trick for this.

Actually I don’t know much about Azure pipelines … but few thoughts:

I assume you are running your tests in Azure with KRE.
The same you do on your local machine, or locally you run them with Katalon Studio? That may make some differences.

Also, in your topic you are reporting the issue for Windows 10 Enterprise. I suppose this is the OS on your local machine, but from the screenshot you posted it is executed on Windows Server 2019, which I guess is the OS of the Azure executor / node or whatever they name such. That can make another difference.

I have no idea how that ‘executor’ it is configured and how Azure works, but it may allocate two virtual desktops to that vm? So, your browser may be actually maximized, but on a desktop which is not ‘visible’ to the recorder?

not sure if you want to hear ‘my trick’ also but here it is.
if the os does not matter, execute your tests dockerized on a linux node, using xvfb…

Something like that, was my guess.

@sundeep.pamulapati it might help if you can expand on the details.