Chrome browser is not maximizing in CI/CD pipeline in Linux machine.

I have done the below settings, but still chrome browser is not maximizing.
The browser is maximizing when i run the script in local machine with windows OS but the same is not working out when i run the scripts in pipeline in linux machine. Can any one help on this.

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What settings?

I use this:


WebUI.maximizeWindow() is not working out in linux machine.
due to this katalon is failing to click on the element and i am getting error " [Element is not clickable at point (566, 128)]"

@bionel any ideas?

What is the command used to run KRE in the pipeline? (and what pipeline)
Are you using Docker, a standalone KRE install on the executor or something else? (e.g. jenkins plugin)
What is the browser in use?
(hope you are not using something like ‘Chrome headless’, maximize window have no sense in such case since there is no active window)
Is the executor a Desktop install or a headless install?