Katalon - Where are the Custom profiles stored?

I have integrated sauce labs with katalon studio, I wanted to know where the custom profiles were stored? Are they locally stored on the katalon studio, or is it stored in a file on the current project?

What I mean by custom profiles is, specifying the platform, browser version etc that i want to run remotely on sauce labs cloud.

I would like to know if I use git then if someone else was to clone my project, would they have to manually set up the profiles again or would they have access to the custom profiles I’ve already set.

Hi @mohammed.kawsar,

Each custom profile is an folder that locates in [project folder]/settings/external/execution folder

Thank you @duyluong ! I was able to find it. This is another question, on the Katalon Docs, I followed the steps for Sauce Labs Integration and tried to create a custom profile using the plugin. However, it doesn’t save the custom profile (even using the naming convention of “saucelabs_” followed by custom profile name. If you look in the comments on the docs [https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/saucelabs-plugin.html#sauce-labs-for-web-testing], the user “lbk” has the same problem.

Although I am able to create a custom profile by going through to Project Settings -> Desired Capabilities -> Custom. Where I have to manually enter the information but it will work and save. Just wondering if that’s a bug in Katalon Studio’s sauce lab plug in?