Katalon version 7.9.0: Caused by: java.lang.ClassFormatError: Illegal method name after running test suite


Im having errors after running the test suites. its showing java.lang.ClassFormatError: Illegal method name “Radiobutton.check” in class CustomKeywords

I just recently upgraded katalon version to 7.9.0 and Im getting this error after each run of test suites. My test scripts uses customKeywords that I’ve created before using old katalon version. Not entirely sure what is happening now after the upgrade.

Some things I did was to delete the generated ‘customekeyword.groovy’ file that was automatically created by katalon and then rerun katalon but still was not able to fix my issue.

Anyone having the same issue? or have any idea I can try to resolve this issue?

I think we’ll need to see some of the code - the class/method and how you call it from a test case.

Looks like its detecting an error on a keyword that I created.
It is particularly pointing to this keyword on the console. “CustomKeywords.‘multifancysearch.verifyPagecursor’()”

this is whats in the console

then if I click on the DelegatingMetaClass.java:50 link in the logs I will be redirected here:

Any idea why its flagging it as an error?

Try verifyPagecursor() instead.

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Great! that worked for me.

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