Katalon Unable to resize windows size more than 1044x788

I’ll share my setup where I’ve had success using custom headless Chrome viewport size on a VM.

  1. Create Jenkins node that runs as a windows service - no war file needed for interaction. Plus, VM does not need to be “logged in” to execute the Jenkins job. Because the job run as a Windows Service and with Chrome Headless, the screen does not need to be available. It all runs in memory.
    jenkins-node-noupdate.xml (2.5 KB) ReadMeWithoutDetails.txt (1.5 KB)

  2. Modify the Windows Service.
    If local access to network is needed then you may need to set “Log On” for the Jenkins service to use specific user. Local System Account may be all you need or you can enable checkbox for “interact with desktop”.
    This setting will vary based on your need. When in doubt, open “Windows Services” with “Run as Admin”. Permissions can cause problems if you are not an admin.

  3. Katalon - launch Chrome Headless with viewPort size as shown earlier in post.

The reason why Katalon cannot set larger Chrome Viewport size is because of the VMWare limitation in the graphics settings. The default VMWare graphics are limited to 800x600. I tried to change the default in the VMWare server settings but it didn’t work. That is why I went with Chrome viewport size in the arguments.

NOTE: It must be headless to bypass the VMWare restriction on resolution.

I prefer headless anyway because no browser rendered saves on CPU and execution time. I’m currently executing 8 tests in parallel on one VM. I think VMs are a great alternative if you don’t have or need Docker containers.

Lastly, all Katalon videos and screenshots still work too!