How to customize Katalon Report

I want to customize the generated Katalon html report. Is it possible to remove some steps from the report?
I use KeywordUtil.logInfo and the KeywordLogger to add logs but I want to remove some generated steps from the report. Is it possible to do that with Katalon, can we customize the generated report?

Thanks for your help


Remove your KeywordUtil.logInfo ? this will remove them from the report
As far as i know you can’t modifie the report ,unless you chnage the html manually afterwards
if you want a custom report report you can use this template to create your own report

if you want inspiration you can see how katalon generates their report

Please give un some examples so we can help you mode :grinning:

I want to show only result on report like ```
def arg0 = 2
def arg1 = 3
def result = arg0 + arg1
WebUI.comment(“arg0 + arg1 = ${result}”)
in above code i want to print only result of WebUI comment on my report please help me out with this.