Katalon tests run only once

I am a new user to Katalon and automation. I have followed the download and setup instructions on your website.
I created a very basic script for Chrome . What i see that I am able to run a test only once succesfully, second time when I run it, the test does not complete. This is what I see on the 2nd run:

02-23-2018 09:20:55 AM - [START] - Start action : openBrowser

02-23-2018 09:20:56 AM - [INFO] - Opening browser

02-23-2018 09:20:56 AM - [INFO] - Starting ‘Chrome’ driver

02-23-2018 09:20:56 AM - [INFO] - Action delay is set to 0 seconds

Starting ChromeDriver 2.35.528161 (5b82f2d2aae0ca24b877009200ced9065a772e73) on port 36702

Only local connections are allowed.

The browser is launched but no action takes place and on the runner screen I see Running Chrome

Issue_Chrome not running.docx

Please close this issue , as I have overcome it now somehow.


Hi Prashant,

I’ve come on the same issue. How did you resolve it?