Katalon test cloud when executing testscripts with both mobile and web application test steps

i’m working on a automation project to automate a mobile and web application. for now i’m doing test execution in my local system and a physical mobile device. i’m planning to move the test execution to Test Cloud.

My test script has both mobile as well as web test steps.

for Example:

  1. i need to start the execution with my web Application
  2. i’m creating a user in my web application
  3. By declaring the Android Driver Manually and using the Katalon DriverFactory.ChangeDriver(driver name) method i’m switching between web to mobile and mobile to Web.
  4. i’m validating the created user is added to the mobile application and validating some functionalities
  5. switching from mobile to web do some transactions
  6. switch to mobile and do validations etc…

My concern here is katalon cloud will keep the mobile and web session intact? until my test execution get’s completed.
katalon will end the session of mobile or web. if the driver gets changed/closed ? if the session get’s terminated(i need to re create the session by adding test steps)

i tried some third party test cloud device vendors they are cleaning the session to the mobile devices if the device is inactive for more than 5 minutes.

if it is possible in katalon test cloud please share me how to achieve the same?

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Thank you for your question. I will ask my team and back to you soon

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