How can I change the execution mode in the same test case?

Hi! I’m new in Katalon Studio and I wanna know: how can I make one test case that begin execution in the device of chrome and then change to Android device?

I explain:
I make the case whit record of WebUI and Mobile, I added the corresponding keywords for both, but when I try to run the test case this only do the steps of WebUI and when would have to run the steps of Mobile the test fails and show the next error: “The mobile device is missing. Please select the mobile device to be executed and try again.”

I think that I missing add some command of keyword who call to initialize the phone but I don’t know which command is…
If someone could help me, I’d really appreciate it from now on!

Here is a screenshot of the test case who I want to automate:

Katalon v6.1.5
Node.js v10.15.3
NPM v6.4.1
Appium v1.8.1

I believe you need to create that in Test Suite Collection and specifically identify which platform to run it in. Additionally, unless I am missing something, you cannot use WebUI keywords on mobile

The Screenshot shows you my test Suite Collection. Youll see that I have options to select which environment to run it in

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Mmm okay, So… I can’t combine WebUI and Mobile keybords in the same test case?
Anyway your explication helps me because I can resolve part of the problem whit the test suite collection.


I dont do mobile testing but Im almost positive that you cant.
You will need to use the Mobile keyword as shown below Mobile.getText(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Object/object’), 1)

the 1 represents how long to wait