Katalon Studio Starting Browser opening Problem


i have a Problem that i cant solve :frowning: My Problem: When i Start my Test Cases, first what happenes a new Chrome Opens with a URL i never mentioned somewhere. URL: Log in with Atlassian account

After the URL is loaded, the Browser closes automatically and now my real URL opens and my tests begins…

How can i skip the opening of the first URL?

Thanks in Advance.

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Read this:

Hello @Russ_Thomas,

thank you very much. When i delete the URL in the default profile, it no longer starts with the atlassian URL, BUT its still starts an empty browser ans then closes it and starts mine.
And i cant delete the default Profile …

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I think I’ll need to see your test case code.

Plus, any Listeners you may have.

Got it, i need to work from Profiles, not from the WebUI Start URL… then it works. :smiley:
But a have a question: is it possible to run cases without the profile?

There’s always an active/current profile, so no, not possible.

Thank you very much Russ_Thomas!

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