Chrome unable to open custom profile

Hello community,

I have been starting to use Katalon Studio as a primary tool for testing.

It would make my life easier for some test if when running a test Chrome would open would a specific profile, so that I can have some credentials logged in.

I used the configuration builder and it looks like this

But Chrome still open as a new, inexistent user. Could anyone with a few suggestions?

Thank you in advance

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 12.42.28.png

Hi @Rares Ionescu where you able to make this work? I am still not able to. If you did could you please tell me how to?

So far I did this approach based on other posts but still could not make it work

Image 2.jpg



Have a look at the following discussion tells how to open Firefox with custom profile:

It would give you a feel how to start browsers with custom profile. I am aware you need information about Chrome browser, so a bit out of focus, sorry.