Katalon Studio - How can I export a test script to Java?

I used Katalon Studio to “Record Web” test scripts and then when through the code it generated and added my own custom Java code to calculate and randomize fields that were filled in (so that each time it executes, the fields get different values). This works great when I run the script in Katalon Studio, but what I want to know is there a way to export the script to an existing Java environment? Can I simply copy the code, put it into a new text file and name it myKatalonTest.java Will this work?

What do you mean by “an existing Java environment”? Are you referring to a custom testing framework (using TestNG, for example)?

The WebUI keywords that are generated when recording a script are hitting an API that is specifically designed for Katalon Studio (and Katalon Runtime Engine), so I don’t think you can expect to be able to run those outside of a KS environment.

That being said, you can skip using the Recorder (and, by extension, the WebUI API) and just implement everything in Java yourself (using the Page Object Model, for example). This way, you could easily migrate keywords/scripts in the way you’ve described. This is what I do personally.