How to export/execute Katalon Studio's manual test cases on script based framework

I am kinda new on Katalon Studio (KS) and liking this tools very much. But i am afraid about some features, whether it exists or not!

Could anyone please help/guide me on below queries?

1. How to export manual test cases to script (e.g: Ruby) from KS? I could not find such option, is it possible or exist in KS?

2. Even Katalon Recorder (KR) has such option but KS is more convenient than KR. So, after creating test cases in KS, how to convert/export to KR?

3. How to run/execute test cases (KS manual test cases or script based) from command line?

I am sorry for too many questions in one thread. But will be very thankful if anyone can help with the answers.

Thank you.


3. Maybe is it right?

Did you ever get a solution to questions 1 and 2? I am also trying to export test cases from Katalon Studio to C#, but do not find any way to do it. If I could get the test case I created i Katalon Studio into Katalon Recorder, I could export from there, but I cannot find a way to open the KS-created test cases in KR

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