Katalon Studio 7 Activation pop-up not responding

So, after updating to KS7, the activation pop-up opens.
I’m using the free version, i thought you only need the Activation for KSE?
There doesnt seem to be a way to circumvent that step, so if i enter my credentials and click on “Activate”, nothing happens. The input fields get disabled for a second and then turn back to normal.
If i close the pop-up, the whole Studio closes with it…

All version need activation, as far as I understand it.

Make sure you use a business email address, “me@crap-email-server.zoo” will not work.

@Russ_Thomas I think if you have a Katalon account with a personal email not a business email e.g @Gmail.com KS would activate and user wouldn’t get KSE Trial. My personal Katalon account that I use at home is on Gmail and I didn’t got KSE over there. Even after upgrading to 7 I only got KS.

Unfortunately, i still get the same problem after registering with a business email address.
I see no other option but to go back to an older version…

@Nico1 You can download Older versions from