Katalon Studio 7.2.5 Released

Get it here: Release v7.2.5 · katalon-studio/katalon-studio · GitHub

Version 7.2.5

You can download Katalon Studio version 7.2.5 here.

New Features

  • Support configuring Content Type in HTTP Header separately from HTTP Body. Learn more.


  • Enhance Smart Wait’s performance during test executions.


  • Bug: An issue related to a failure of Swagger’s importing multiple requests without operation ID.

Is this a pre-release? The update tool within the IDE says I’m on the current version while I’m on 7.2.1 still.

It doesn’t state it’s a pre-release. And as for what KS reports, I’ve no idea how that works (in fact, I ignore it).

If it’s available on Github but not from our main website then it’s not an official release version. So 7.2.5 is a pre-released.