(2020/06/18) Latest Katalon Studio 7.5 - 8.0 Releases (Latest: 8.0.0.alpha)

Katalon Studio 8.0.0.alpha is available here. This is a significant upgrade including a newer version of eclipse (I believe). But take note it’s ALPHA - this is not an official prime-time release!

Katalon Studio 7.5.10 is available here

Katalon Studio 7.5.5 is available here

Katalon Studio 7.5.2 is available here.

Katalon Studio 7.5.1 (official) is available here. Thread topic here.

Release notes:


Katalon Studio 7.5.0 (official) is available here. Thread topic here.

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New in 7.5.5 - I just bumped into this:


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Yes, little easter eggs for those who read release notes and docs ! :smile:

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thank you
I read the release notes but couldn’t find it on the page it is vey well hidden :grin:, i think it should be given more space on the page , because it’s a very significant imporvement in workflow (for me at least)

now i’m spoiled , i want to be able to put multiple categories inside a categorty

Go to the link I provided. Use Ctrl-F to find “keywordObject”

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