Katalon Smartwait On Browserstack

Hi all,

We are POCing Browserstack’s integration with Katalon Studio and I have noticed a peculiar detail when using the Katalon Smartwait driver on a Browserstack Automate (remote execution) run. It appears that the Smartwait driver, as reported by Browserstack, is failing at every instance.

Here is the error that is shown:

Has anyone encountered this while integrating with Katalon, and what is the solution to avoid this from happening.

Thank you.

Hi @Scrappy_Coco

For Browserstack and others remote execution, you should temporarily disable Katalon Smart Wait feature in Project Settings/Execution/WebUI

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Hi @duyluong,

Thank you for the information. I can disable it for our runs on the Browserstack service. Will it be supported for remote executions in the future?

Hi @Scrappy_Coco,

Smart Wait is a browser extension that can be only installed on local browsers.
Currently, we don’t have any plan to support Smart Wait for Remote execution (including BrowserStack, SauceLab,…) until BrowserStack supports installing extensions on their browsers.

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