Katalon Scroll window to visibility

The question, I have dropdowns, which are working until one of the dropdown lists stays on without closing and following elements visible on the left but cannot set the value.
Working because I tried the object failed alone by commenting out the rest, and it works.

I tried the following

  1. I tried delaying execution by setting timings as 600 milliseconds in the project settings
    Next, I will try this
  2. Insert dummy click enter to close the previous drop down and putting delay etc


  1. Can you share some tips to handle these issues
  2. Related question, does Katalon scrolls up and down the element visibility or like in selenium, do I have to explicitly ask the window to move up and down ?

Thanks in Advance

@newbie What I do with pop-up calendars, or drop-down select lists is to use your second idea. I add a click on an input or textarea that is away from the pop-up or drop-down element. I also add a sendKey TAB to move off of the element (actually sendKey first and then click). Then I verify the result.

KS seems to move down the page (window) when you have elements that are out of the viewport, however, the interactions is right on the bottom (sometimes going off screen with expansions etc.). That is when I add scrollToElement to adjust the display to be in the central viewport. I generally keep the viewport about 2 or 3 elements above the interacting element.

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