Katalon runtime engine - appium directory is not set

Operating System : MAC OS catalina;

Katalon runtime engine Version : 7.1.0;

Katalon Studio logs: see attachment;

  • Appium version : 1.15.1;

  • log file : log.zip (4.2 KB)

  • Mobile platform/version under test: iOS 13.2.2

  • Xcode version : Xcode 11;

Hello guy, I have been use KRE for test Mobile, and i have a issue when execute test suite via Command-line/Console Mode Execution. Problem is : i do not find the way to set appium directory path for Katalonc. So can you guilde me the way to config and fix this problem.

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@trung.banh Have you found any solution for this. If not then please click on http://forum.katalon.com/t/getting-error-for-when-try-to-run-android-test-suite-using-katalonc/43998/2?u=sashant.khatri . I am getting the same error on jenkins.

Can any body please help on it, as I am also facing same issue on jenkins