Katalon Roadmap

Besides bug fixes, what are the goals for future versions? Are there a set of goals or a theme or a road map for 5.11? 5.12? 6.0? 7.0?

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Hi @Kenneth.Luczka

I am not certain about the features that will be included in the upcoming releases, besides bug fixes that is.

However, we are building Katalon Platform which provides API for developers to extend capabilities of Katalon Studio to their own testing purposes. As you probably know, Katalon Store is coming soon, and the store will contain some plug-ins that we have already built which provide the ability to execute test cases based on query conditions from command line, auto healing broken test objects with smart xpath, Slack integration, Jira integration, managing and executing test cases based on their tags.

We realize that Katalon Studio is being adopted more and more and we can’t handle everything ourselves. It seems like an ineffective solution given the amount of feature requests we receive daily. Therefore we are focusing on building the Platform which essentially is a set of APIs so that users can write plug-ins that suite their own purposes. Katalon Version from 6.0 onward will possess the capability for you to install plug-ins. We also have a tutorial on how to create your first plug-in if you are interested.

So that is one aspects of our road map. Hopefully you will be satisfied.

Have a nice day !


There’s more information (or is it just more digestible?) in this post than the various announcements.

Thanks @ThanhTo! :slight_smile:

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@ThanhTo Hi there, is there another update at all on the future of Katalon Studio? I have a work presentation on using it and this came up through the manager. Thanks