Katalon remarkable users

Hi all,

Katalon team is glad to announce the top users on Katalon Community, who will be receiving appreciation gifts from Katalon Team. These remarkable users have been providing valuable response, articles, and solution to Katalon community’s questions & Katalon Champions Hub. Their intense knowledge and experience have supported other users to quickly solve the difficulties in doing test automation.

Thank you for that!

Top users of October

  • Chris Trevarthen
  • Gerard van der Winkel
  • Ibus
  • Kolesnikova Victoria

Thank-you gift of October: $20 Amazon gift card

Top users of September

  • Fernando Ezpinoza
  • Chris Trevarthen
  • Ctof
  • Raghav Pal

Thank-you gift of September: $20 Amazon gift card

Top users of August

  • Blehman- Marek Melocik
  • Andrej Podhajský
  • Gordon

Thank-you gift of August: Starbucks eGift Card

Top users of July

Thank-you gift of July: Wireless Presenter

Top users of June

Thank-you gift of June: BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

Top users of May

Thank-you gift of May: JBL GO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Top users of April

Thank-you gift of April: $20 Amazon gift card

Congratulations! You will be contacted via email to receive the gifts.

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