Katalon recorder

Hello I have recently moved jobs ,and having used Katalon studio previously wanted to demonstrate to my new employer how Katalon coudl add valeu to the business.
I installed katalon studio 32 bit for widnows 10. I installed the recorder t oboth firefox and chrome.
I attempted to record a test , it produces an error \Chrome\recorder for chrome not found.
I interrogated the file structure and this is correct there is no folder marked recorder. Previous versions have had their own sub folder marked recorder which this new version is looking for?
Yet when I interrogate the file structure of Katalon studio, there is a sub directory marked Recorder and Object spy ( which also does not work)
I would like to be able to demonstrate this in a wondows 10 environment in the next couple of weeks can we have a fix please?

Sorry for the late response. I’ve moved it to the right subforum. I’ll ask the team to support you ASAP.

Could you please clarify if you were using Record feature with “Active mode” or by launching a new browser window? If possible, a screenshot will help us investigate the issue faster.