Katalon Recorder CLI Version - Installation issues

I was excited to discover the new command line version of Katalon Recorder the other day (mentioned in a new release of KAR).

Unfortunately, when trying to follow the read me instructions on the related NPM Package page, I run into the following error every time (when trying ‘npm install kr-cli’):

I’ve tried with my local version of Node set to 12 and 16, but the issue happened with both (not that I expected it to be the cause, but just gave it a shot).

I’ve attempted to go to the URL it’s trying to fetch from directly myself and can confirm the URL doesn’t exist.

I noted on the NPM page these alternate instructions to install ‘npm i katalon-recorder-cli’ and this seems to execute fine (and creates a Node modules folder with a bunch of files), but the command ‘kr-cli’ is not available post-install (neither is say ‘katalon-recorder-cli’).

Please assist with this, as I am keen to give this a go (it may make a significant difference in performance, I’m hoping!).

Mac OS 10.15.7
Existing KAR Installs 5.5.1
Node version (Default version): 16.3.0
NPM version: 7.15.1

Hi @guy.mason

npm install kr-cl is not the correct installation command, npm i katalon-recorder-cli is the correct one.

Have you installed it globally? If you’ve installed it locally (In your nodejs project), try npx kr-cli <follow by the params>. Let me know if you can get it to work.

Hi @guy.mason

I’m wondering if you have got the KR CLI to work?