Katalon licensing for multiple machines

I’ve noticed that from version 7 Katalon require a license that is issued for one machine. In my company we are creating a new machine for every deployment so I don’t know what am I suppouse to do now. Is there an option to just buy a license that will allow the usage of Katalon for specific user that is not bind to one machine?

Hello @konradk.orba.co

You can read more about Katalon Studio Licensing to know more about license types. Based on your information, I think online licenses of KSE and RE will suit your needs since they are transferable.


Yes, I read it. But what about the situation when multiple machines are started at the same time? It says that for enterprise “One account can be activated/used on one machine at a time.” Is it mean that there is no option to run multiple machines at the same time using 1 license?

Hi Konrad

In that case, the number of licenses you should acquire is based on the number of machines on which you run Katalon Studio simultaneously.