Katalon issue - Insecure download blocked popup related issue

Hi All, We have noticed that one extra popup(Insecure download blocked with Keep button) in Chrome Automation Browser when we are trying to download the XML files please.

We got manual solution from setting option : we changed Insecure content option blocked to Allow so working fine in local chrome browser but same settings are nor working once we are running scripts thru Katalon studio.
So we tried to change some desired capability options as per Katalon forum but none of them are worked for us.
Therefore, kindly suggest solution for set Insecure Content to Allow into katalon studio so automation script can be run without above popup.

Looking for your support asap.

thank you so much in advanced.

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Please try finding correct desired capability for chrome driver. else please robot framework to mimic manual key press behaviour

What change you have made in desired capabilities, can you show?

Thank you so much Dinesh for your response but tried all options from desired capabilities as per Chrome capabilities SSL Certificate Error - #3 by laura.depalma2798 and also tried other post given options please. So looking for desired capability name for above insecure blocked popup for downloads .

We made below changes capabilities please :

Okay, Please look into How to "Allow" or "Block" in Permission popup? - #23 by bilal.tariq

Already tried below options please ‚Äúprefs‚ÄĚ : {
‚Äúprofile.default_content_setting_values.media_stream_mic‚ÄĚ: 1, # 1:allow, 2:block
‚Äúprofile.default_content_setting_values.media_stream_camera‚ÄĚ: 1, # 1:allow, 2:block
‚Äúprofile.default_content_setting_values.geolocation‚ÄĚ: 1, # 1:allow, 2:block
‚Äúprofile.default_content_setting_values.notifications‚ÄĚ: 1 # 1:allow, 2:block

if you refresh the page, does the pop up appear again? please use robot framework to mimic manual key press behaviour

Thank you Dinesh, I tried to refresh and yes I agree with you that the extra security popup will not be display but download will be not happen please so we are looking for some chrome desired capabilities so driver can ignore this popup. We do not want use robot framework please but can you guide me how we can use robot framework in existing katalon framework(I think, we can use robot libs in our framework but we never tried this). Kindly suggest some other options as well if possible. thank you so much