Katalon is not responding, but the Chrome Testing is still Running

Hello there !
My Katalon is not responding while i was running on the middle of the test. When i want to close it forcely (with spam clicking into katalon), it happen that Katalon is responding. And the Log Viewer will uploaded faster than usual. Why ? Is that my problem that i have cases too big ?
Thank you

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please can you show screenshot.

Its likely rare to happen, i will give screenshot if i got one.

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This is what i mean about not responding.

Like i said earlier, its white screen with not responding. If i spam clicked it, it will response and the log viewer will generated faster than usual
The front end is still running (i cant give screenshot because its credential)

Okay, I think you should update your katalon studio , this type of issue is being reported in older version

whats the version of katalon that is new ? i have a plan that want to update into 8.6.x beta for AI usage.

You Can update from Katalon studio ->Help Menu-> check for updates

We are using KS version 8.6.8