Katalon is not able to find the below tag though i wrote the correct Xpath. i used Click method and also tried with WebUI.executeJavaScript as well. Can any one know why it is happening

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Hi @rahul.bashanapelli
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can you please share the Xpath you took.
you have to take xpath for the anchor tag for click if you took for li tag in some applications it will not work

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//*[contains(@translate,‘PROCESSOR_NAVIGATION_WORK_QUEUE’) and normalize-space(text()=‘Work Queue’)]

i also used selectors hub xpath and copied xpath and wrote different xpaths on my own but nothing is working

Were you able to test your pathway within your browser to ensure it works and did it return an indicator that it was unique i.e. 1 of 1?

And is there any reason specific for using contains when you have the Queue name fully spelled out? I might try:
//a[@translate='PROCESSOR_NAVIGATION_WORK_QUEUE'][text()='Work Queue']

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Also, text comparison seems extra…

Why not just


and call it a day?