Katalon HTML Reports Combiner

I run tests on KRE. I run a test suit collection and reports generated for every test suit. I have almost 10 html report for a test suit collection. Can you add a plugin to combine that html reports inside a html report file?

Hi @gaurav.bhati, as you are using KRE license, we have a dedicated support portal here. I would bother you to raise your concern again to get timely support.

Vu Tran

Hi @gaurav.bhati,

Thanks for reaching out. We’re planning to deliver this feature automatically in next releases. We will keep you posted when it is available. But for now, you can get the combiner of all test suite reports by exporting the test suite collection report manually. Below shows how to do it, we hope this helps:

  1. We executed a test suite collection named New Test Suite Collection - Copy with 2 test suites: Dynamic Test Suite demo and New Dynamic Test Suite No Binding.

  2. In the Reports folder, you can see the report of each test suite respectively and a folder that contains the New Test Suite Collection - Copy report. Collapse it, right-click on the report then select Export as > HTML.


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