Katalon git Pull Error

Hi Im facing issues when im trying to pull from Git master branch.

Here is Error screenshot please any advice how we over come this ?


you have conflicts with your head (master) and local code.
You have to fix those conflicts first then you are able to get pull.
You can try to pull git codes to another branch


Im able to solve it :slight_smile:

I am facing a similar issue. I am unable to understand where the conflicts exist. Does Katalon show where exactly (Line within a conflicting file) do the conflicts exist?

@Timo_Kuisma helo Timo, is it ok if I try to delete local file that caused conflict?


yes it is, but take copy before delete it, if there are some valuable information
after delete, you have to pull files from git and then you can make your PR
commit —> push

The original post shows the following files having conficts.



Let me assume you also have conflicts for the files under the <projectDir>/settings folder.

  1. The files under the <projectDir>/settings are created by Katalon Studio automatically. KS writes various information to record what you did on your PC with KS. Yes, you can safely delete them, but later KS will recreate them. You can not get rid of them.
  2. Let me assume Mr.A and Ms.B (the team) have KS and share a single project via a Git remote repository. They will find a similar list of files under the <projectDir>/settings on each of their PC. However, the content of these files are NOT identical, as Mr.A and Ms.B operated KS differently.
  3. The team has an option — whether they include the files under the <projectDir>/settings to be saved in the Git repository or not. It is completely up to them. Git and KS do not control it.
  4. If the team accidentally or ignorantly included the files under the <projectDir>/settings in the Git repository, they will inevitably experience conflicts detected by Git when they do “get fetch” + “git merge” or “git pull”, as they have files with same path but with difference content.
  5. Of course, the team would not want to be annoyed by conflicts caused by the files which are automatically updated by KS. Those files are not suitable for sharing via Git repository. So, the team should remove the files out of the repository (do not share them), and should ignore them (= do not saved them in the repository) any longer.
  6. You can instruct Git to ignore files under the settings/ folder when you do git add .. You can write in the .gitignore file:
  1. You can find a discussion how we should write .gitignore file at .gitignore template for Katalon Studio
  2. If you have a fews files under the settings/* folder already saved in the Git repository, changing the .gitignore file is not enough. You need to remove the files out of the index (= the list of file paths to be saved) in the repository by executing:
$ cd <to your project>
$ git rm -r --cached settings/

See also my previous post at .gitignore is ignored - content in ignored directories is still included in commits .

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hi @kazurayam … Thanks for your explanation

The first screenshot in this thread is similar to what my colleague gets but instead of problems with system files they are problems with test cases. The instructions here seem to suggest that the scripts should display the conflicts, but this is not the case. How do we get to resolve conflicts? Doing FETCH - everything up to date. Doing PULL - number of conflicts found but unable to see detail.