Katalon for Desktop Applications


I have one month to decide which tool a will use for automation,
I hesitate between Katalon and UFT,

90% of the automation can be scripted with IHM or WS (OK with Katalon ) but I have some Desktop applications and I have not found a solution with Katalon

I’m asking how can I automate the Desktop application with Katalon or interface with UFT or another automation tool

i have to automate cross-sectional tests :
for example : website (html) → sale application (WS) → Expedition (SAP SOlution) → Billing (local application .exe)

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Which OS? Windows? Search the forum for Winium.

@mecha.massi I read a post on LinkendIn by Katalon that Desktop App testing is coming to Katalon but I never heard about same on this forum. I don’t know when it will be released but if you are in hurry you can follow what Russ said.

Hi @mecha.massi

Just wanna say that Desktop Testing is definitely on the way in the upcoming releases of Katalon.

Cheers !


@ThanhTo Thanks for sharing this info. Looking forward to it.


Looking forward to manipulating (at the very least) the browser itself as opposed to the document displayed within it.

Thanks Thanh!


Any knowledge if Katalon desktop support will handle Delphi code controls?



you can check sikulix or winium for options, i personally use sikulix because the automation works based on picture (PNG) no dependecies on code


Looking forward to test katalon using himself :smile:

thanks, @ThanhTo

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