Katalon collection suite Consolidated Report

Why Katalon not generating collection suite report(html) which will show all consolidated details of all error,failed and passed test cases like it is generating reports suite wise.
Suppose, I have two suites containing 2 test cases within e.g. suite1 and suite2, when I add these two suites in one test suite collection then it is giving me reports of two different suite. Why it is not giving consolidated html report based on suite collection so that i could see consolidated report of failed,error and passed test cases details in one suite collection’s html report.

because in a collection, any suite is suposed to run with a different profile. for me make sense … but let’s wait for other opinions

I think it needs generate consolidated html report based collection suite otherwise there is no need of having collection suite option in Katalon studio.

what is the purpose of collections, in your opinion?
let’s ignore the reporting part for a while …

@sohan.bobhate If you want this to be changed you can raise it as a suggestion.

If we keep reporting aside, collections are also used to run suites parallelly with different profiles and OS combination