[Katalon Automation Recorder] Open Test Case?

Hallo #TeamKatalon #Community,

Am i the only one that is missing the option to just simply open test cases in Katalon Automation Recorder?

So it’s not possible to just open test cases in a specific test suite?

Maybe i’m looking over it but i can’t find the option/button to just open a test case.


Can be closed since there is already a ticket!

Open and Save > Test Cases

This is no longer accessible. I’m having a hard time trying to open my test cases in the chrome extension. Any help is appreciated!

I see that this simple question has not been answered in over two years… I am starting to wonder if anyone is still using Katalon!

I am having all sorts of problems with just creating a test, saving it to a directory, and opening it again.

I’m on Ubuntu, and I cannot get Studio to install. But at the least I’d like to get Recorder to run a stored test. When I click “export”, I end up downloading a zipped directory. I then extract it, but when I try clicking Open test suite I cannot figure out where in the extracted directory I’m supposed to go. I imagine @dnelson gave up long ago!