Katalon 7.0 Beta new Keywords

I wonder how the new keywords are supposed to work :smiley:
i was trying some simple interactions in a testcase

WebUI.comment('you got 10 seconds to navigate the browser to : chrome://settings/')
WebElement temp1 = CustomKeywords.'rd.JsDom.getWebElement'('document.querySelector("body > settings-ui").shadowRoot.querySelector("#left > settings-menu").shadowRoot.querySelector("#people")')
TestObject tempObject1 = WebUI.convertWebElementToTestObject(temp1)

But that sure i hard given as there is no XPath as per definition, is there a case where i would need a Testobject that i can not click or do anything with :slight_smile: ?

Is there going to be some documentation on where to use it and what there limitations are :smiley: ?

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Hi @Jens.gr

findTestObject(...) actually returns a TestObject, but with keyword convertWebElementToTestObject, you only needs to pass tempObject1 directly.


Thank you @ThanhTo :sunny:

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