JSON Object in Global Variable

Im wondering how can i put JSON object in Profiles in katalon.
Im using this function to get my object in the test case.

def universal_variable = WebUI.executeJavaScript('return window.universal_variable;', null)

Then in profile i have something like that

And last thing i am compering the object that im getting using a function with string in global variable by using that function

if ((universal_variable['page_type']) != GlobalVariable.page_type_uv) {
KeywordUtil.markFailed('Bad page_type: ' + (universal_variable['page_type']))


And its causing me to have a lot global variables like this. I would rather have included for example whole this thing in one variable and compare it to the object that im getting from the site

    article: id: "7398791"  content_type: "article" article_type: "News" word_count: "794"

Thanks for any help

Try List or Map.

I don’t believe I’ve ever tried this. But give it a go and see what happens.

I don’t quite understand your second question.