Jenkins+Slack not work?

When i m start test from my local computer all works fine. But if i use jenkins i m don`t receive any message to slack.

This is my command:

-retry=0 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/Willis_Suit” -executionProfile=“Will_Test1” -browserType=“Chrome (headless)” -apiKey=xoxp-550062050934-548566637076-592438019847-dd6590e7cba406a1e846be1b********

Anybody can check it?

there is slack integration with jenkins, use the plugin it works just fine


If you don’t have slack integration on your Jenkins server, it won’t work. On your local environment your Katalon + Slack integration doing the job. If you execute it from the Jenkins worker they don’t have any Slack integration by default.

Set it up on your Jenkins and add the notification stage in your pipeline.

I use slack plugin for Katalon.

Hello @Blackbelt_Tester.

Can you describe how SetUp Jenkins for Slack?