java.lang.SecurityException, error

I am getting this error when I am using the katlon studio enterprise version 9.6.0

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Hi there,

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Hi @bisandi.jayasundera,

Can you please try some of the following suggestions: com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Keyword runFeatureFile was failed (Root cause: java.lang.SecurityException: class "module-info"'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package - #6 by Elly_Tran?

Hi @Elly_Tran
I tried these as well, but still I am receiving the same error msg.


Can I ask for more context from your test: is that bdd project, your testing feature, your OS, your KS version, …?

Hi Elly,

Im doing this BDD project to check in a log in functionality, and I’m using the Windows 10 Enterprise OS version. My Katalon Version is “katalon studio enterprise version 9.6.0”