Java.lang.NullPointerException error while running the test suite

I have a problem with performing my automated tests from the console (run by Katalon Studio Engine). The error is related to running tests in the console using katalonc, sometimes I get the error java.lang.NullPointnerExeption when I start my collection (I have 11 test sets in the collection and when I don’t run several, it is a big problem for me). The error occurs when creating report files for a specific set (I attach a screenshot for this error), then this set does not execute at all. I use the Basic Report plugin to create reports. Has any of you had a similar problem, or knows how to solve it, or what is the cause?

Hi @karol.ciez

When this error happens, please send the report folder of this test suite execution generated by Basic Report. Since the error occurs in generating Junit Report, if you disable the option to generate JUnit report would the problem go away ?

Ok, I will try to turn off generating the JUnit report, the problem is that the foler is not always created, because I wanted to check what is wrong. In this case it just happened. File in attachment. (1.5 KB)

I checked, but I can’t turn off JUnit report generation (I haven’t found this option)

Not sure with what is your problem , but i found a data issue with mine, i found out that the data file is exceeding line meaning count 3000+ lines but my data is just 200+ lines

solution was to make a new data and remap everything DDT