Java code conversion and Object identification

Hi All,

I am not able to identify objects through object identifier in Katalon Studio. It is identifying only certain objects. It is not identifiying buttons, radio button, text box etc. I did it via Spy Web option in Katalon Studio. I have few questions, which answered will help me to proceed further in my assignment.

1. Object not being identified in Spy web mode.

2. How to convert the Katalon studio script to Java code as i have to do some customization. I did it via Groovy and Java editor, but it did not change to a Java code.

Thanks in Advance

hello Mahalakshmi
1. Is that a question? i don’t see any…
2. it would be because it’s groovy … try to find groovy to java using some search service e.g. google

i just wonder why you need Katalon studio if you want to use only Web spy … would be more efficient for you to use Katalon recorder - plugin for browser, and export scripts from there to any language it supports.