It's possible generate random data for testing?

Hello, in Katalon Automation Recorder it’s possible generate random data for testing? In my scripts the data is all static, for example: register in the field name ‘Ana’ and every time I will execute, be recorded ‘Ana’. Is it possible to generate random data for testing? Thanks

Absolutely. Almost anything is possible with a bit of code.
You could write a custom keyword that enters random letters/numbers.

Or if you want random names etc, I’d recommend setting up a database of random information.

Google setting up a MySQL database using XAMPP, and then google connecting to a database using Java


thanks for the answer :smiley:


There are plenty of free data generators out there (e.g. You can use one of them to generate CSV files of random values and import these files into Katalon Recorder.

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Where can I find this DB?