it's possible generate random data for testing?


Hello, in Katalon Automation Recorder it’s possible generate random data for testing? In my scripts the data is all static, for example: register in the field name ‘Ana’ and every time I will execute, be recorded ‘Ana’. Is it possible to generate random data for testing? Thanks


Absolutely. Almost anything is possible with a bit of code.
You could write a custom keyword that enters random letters/numbers.

Or if you want random names etc, I’d recommend setting up a database of random information.

Google setting up a MySQL database using XAMPP, and then google connecting to a database using Java


thanks for the answer :smiley:



There are plenty of free data generators out there (e.g. You can use one of them to generate CSV files of random values and import these files into Katalon Recorder.


Where can I find this DB?