Issue with multiple WebDriver sessions in Katalon

Hi there,

I have a test scenario in which I have to check the messaging feature between 2 users. Initially, I tried with a single session and kept on changing sessions by repeatedly performing login-logout actions.
With this approach, the automation is working perfectly fine but I have unnecessarily do login-logout multiple times.

After some research, I found the below option of using 2 users with different sessions-
WebDriver user1 = new ChromeDriver()
WebDriver user2 = new ChromeDriver()

Now, on using DriverFactory.changeWebDriver(user1/user2) I am able to switch between the 2 chrome windows but the steps that used to work with the first approach are failing now that too without any error.

More specifically the problem here is-
There is setText command that used to work before. Now with the 2 session approach, the setText action is not getting performed. The step is also not failing on Katalon but the next verify statement is failing.

There is no synchronization or locator problem here. I want to ask is this a known issue that Katalon doesn’t work normally with the 2 session approach? Also, is there another way to handle 2 sessions simultaneously?

Kuldeep Rana

Difficult to understand this.

Could you make a sample Katalon project that enables others to reproduce your finding on their machines, and share the project with us?

Thanks for replying Kazurayam. Actually, the application is confidential and I am facing the problem with a particular field only, so cannot share steps to reproduce with any other application also.

I just wanted to know if someone has faced any similar problem or if there is another way to manage 2 different sessions in Katalon.

Anyways I will try out some more approaches and update this thread.

I think nobody else does that. You are the real pioneer!

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