how to manage multiple drivers (Web, mobile and API) together

Dear Community Friends,

I have a requirement to manage the Multiple Drivers (Web, Mobile and API) together in Katalon studio.
How to manage.

  1. First I have to initiate Mobile App
  2. Then Goto Web Application and check the Mobile App details are updated in Web application or not
  3. Go back to Mobile App, do some changes in the Mobile App and check them Web Application.


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Are you asking how to work on scenario you mentioned with Katalon?

I think Currently Not Possible!
@Elly_Tran - Will Provide more details about this :smile:

Don’t use WebUI.openBrowser() keyword. The keyword can only open 1 browser window at a time.

You want to call the native Selenium WebDriver API. With it you can open 2 or more browser windows. See the following post of mine, which shows an example code.