Issue while recording the test case , screen gets struck and cannot go further

while trying to do the mobile Automation , On the Mobile Recorder view , I have uploaded our apk and when I start my recording , I get the view of the app and i can choose the elements and start recording my test case . for example . if its a login page - if i fill in the form and once i click on Login , the page gets struck and I cannot go further and automate the other features . but the phone i use , which mirrors the same which shows on the device view … on that phone it logins and it looks fine … the problem is with the device view only where the screen gets struck … it shows loading for ever and do not go further ?

Could please help?

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@phani, can you share your error log? Also, are you using a virtual or physical device for testing?

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Hi @chen.lee , I am using the Physical device and i don’t see any error popping up?

but this happens both on physical device and virtual device … can see the same issue …
cannot see any error ?

@phani, does this happen on other apps or just this app only?

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@chen.lee , Yes i have tired couple of our apps and i can see the similar issue.

@chen.lee The Appium.log should be in your Katalon project folder.

@chen.lee , attached the error log katalon folder
appium.log (50.5 KB)

Is it possible if you can provide the app for us to test it on our side and provide the execution step?

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Got some confirmation from Customer Support that you would need to click on Capture Object button to move on to the next screen. The loading process is already complete, you would just need to click that button to move on.


Thank you @chen.lee … its working.

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