Issue of BDD project with Katalon Studio v9

I am having this issue now everytime I run the runtime engine… I also just upgraded to 9.0.

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what scales badly, what would you do as i am seeing the same issue?

thank you

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Same issue here. I have tried to use OpenJDK8 instead of Java17. I don’t know what cause the issue as I am new to Katalon and only trying to create a simple cucumber script for android. Test case made using recorder works quite well, but when I translate to Cucumber I get this error. From this thread it is not very clear to me what is the root cause: java version ? (which one, since katalon 9 seems to use his own) ? I tried using katalon 8, same problem. A tool like katalon which is supposed to be working out of the box, but requires weird and undocumented steps is not helpful. I think I’ll use Appium directly …

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On which OS are you on? Linux, Windows, Mac?

Have you read this post: Katalon does not work after Java Update - #3 by bionel

That previous answer may no longer apply.
As far as I know, starting with 9.x openjdk-17 it is now required.
Also, for Cucumber test cases, some additional steps are needed when migrating from 8.x for this feature to work.
Therefore, the users should read first the release notes prior to blaming the docs or reopening old threads. or any other mod (@kazurayam if still have mod powers) kindly close this topic as obsolete.
New issues should be raised in new topics, following the guidelines.

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I am on Windows and yes I have read this post, that is why I tried with OpenJDK8, instead of Oracle JDK17. I will try with OpenJDK17 …

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Well, I am not sure that closing the topic will help out people here facing this issue.
Also, users usually start reading documentation first and rarely read release notes unless migrating to a new version and want to see changes.
Also, I did not re-open the topic as it was still open and people have replied quite recently.
I am not migrating from Katalon 8.x, I just tried it when I faced issues with version 9.x where I started from.
I understand that maintaining documentation is hard and painfull and I am not blaming anyone. But, from a new user (as I am) point of view, an outdated or messy documentation prevents from adopting a tool
Thanks for replying though :slight_smile:

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this is exactly my point
you dint read the full topic, isn’t?
how that suits for your case?

@raphael.camus ,

I think you should create default package for step definitions to resolve the issue if you are using KS v9

Their doc:

  • [BDD] Setting the default package is required. You need to add a @BeforeTestCase listener to the Test Listener file in order for the BDD projects to work as before. Refer to Set the default package for step definitions.


Thanks for your suggestion. We can continue discuss here

@duyluong better.
now @raphael.camus and @naomy.arnold should clearly describe the issues faced, without referrecing to the previous topic