[Issue] Mobile Set Text on Flutter App


I’m using Katalon Studio 5.8.6 for automate my team apps, we build our app using Flutter, but we are having problem when Adding/Recording action Mobile Set Text,

here is the error that appeared (demonstrate on Flutter Gallery App from Android Play Store ):

this actually happend also on my team’s app, we still don’t know how, we already try from the script using any method such as selecting xpath or using coordinate xy.

Is that any clue, is this a bug ? or appium and katalon still don’t support Flutter apps?

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 10.18.22.png


Have you or anyone else figured out a fix for this issue yet? My team is also using flutter to develop our application and we have encountered this problem.

yes i already figuring out, the issue is come from the flutter itself, the way of flutter render the app is different than common native app so that’s a big deal to solve this issue, for now we alternate to handle the test by using the built-in UI test from flutter-sdk (flutter driver - integration tests)


@N_Putera Is it possible to use flutter-sdk (flutter driver - integration tests) in Katalon studio?I need help badly as my project is going to develop on flutter which I have to automate with katalon

@duyluong could you please have a look on my above question ?

Hey Katalon team, any solution for this as we also got stuck with passing text in Flutter app text field. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Please follow our documentation to automate Flutter app here:

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