Issue Migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10


This is my natural directory structure for introducing a new Katalon Studio release, side by side the previous release. I never allow a new Katalon Studio release to overwrite a previous Katalon Studio release in order to insure I have a quick rollback capability!

My new Project in Katalon Studio:

Same issue as before, Chrome Webdriver v86 does not connect to Chrome v86 Browser!



Yes I did what Russ suggested!


I have a hosts file that has a “ localhost” line:

I ran the chromebrowser.exe file:

Here is me running the http command:


So, at this point, where do we go from here?

It seems like it has been established that a fresh install of Katalon Studio v7.6.6+ with Chrome v86 Webdriver cannot execute Test Cases in Chrome due to the inability to connect…

Yet, the Chrome v86 Webdriver can connect to the open Chrome v86 Browser session outside of Katalon Studio… :frowning:

The first screenshot here Issue Migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is a project, not a Katalon release.

I’m wondering if you’re getting my point here?

The issue:

I am unable to relocate a Katalon Studio “Project” that was created using numerous Katalon Studio releases over several months, which runs without issue using Chrome v86 on Windows 7 to a Katalon Studio v7.6.6+ instance using Chrome v86 on Windows 10 and have it run successfully…


On Windows 10, I extracted and placed a Katalon Studio v7.7.2 release in the Katalon Studio folder…

Using Katalon Studio v7.7.2, I created a new Project called BrowserTest and executed a BrowserTest Test Case using the Chrome v86 Browser and was able to reproduce the issue…

Am i missing something?

Is the issue that the Katalon Studio v7.7.2 was extracted to the “C:\Katalon Studio” folder instead of extracting the Katalon Studio release in place in my “Downloads” folder?

I just downloaded 7.8.0.rc and ran a test fine against Chrome (it’s got other issues, but it works).


I just downloaded Katalon Studio v7.7.2 (32 Bit) and it has the same issue!


We are running out of variables at this point!

Where are you installing your Katalon Studio releases?

Which version of Windows 10 are you running?

My Windows 10 Laptop’s O/S was upgraded recently from a Stone Age version of Windows 10…

Is there any particular reason you are using 32 bit? Is that a 32 bit windows installation or 64 bit?


I just chose the 32 Bit version of Katalon Studio v7.7.2 to have yet another instance of Katalon Studio installed on my Windows 10 Laptop…

I noticed in the installation instructions that the first time Katalon Studio’s executable is run, the instructions show running the executable as an Administrator. I have never done that previously!

Every other installation of Katalon Studio on my laptops and workstations are the 64 Bit versions!

Show me a screenshot of your Katalon install folders. That’s Katalon not your projects.


Based on my post here: Issue Migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10 I should be seeing two copies of the same release – 7.6.6 I thought.

Get another 7.6.6, install it SIDE-BY-SIDE with the others and try it.


Would this be a reason that I am having trouble?

No idea. :confused:


Two Katalon Studio releases installed side by side in the C:\Katalon Studio folder!

The issue is still present - Test Case “BrowserTestNew” was created using the second instance of Katalon Studio v7.6.6

When was Chrome installed?

Yesterday, per your earlier request…