Issue in cordova app

I am facing an issue in automating the Cordova based app. I have recorded the steps of testing but when i ran those steps again it wont picking up the objects. Sometimes i was also unable to click on the object from “spy object” technique.
Please let me know if anyone has solution of it.

I am also experiencing a similar issue with testing my Cordova based app.
I find that on some objects i was able to change the properties of the object in the Object Repository to not use the instance number, and use content-desc instead.

However, I am encountering issues where if these objects were initially off-screen, i am unable to set-text of that object.
Katalon is able to see the object, but the setting text results in the emulator doing a pull-down of the android config menu and releasing; and not actually setting the text of my textbox. The test reports that the text has been set, but it is not set in the emulator.

Cordova based app is not claimed to be supported by Katalon Studio, so I think there will be problems with automating it using Katalon Studio.

I’ve found a work-around.
I’ve added essentially a button to add then remove an element in each of the lists. This seems to refresh the DOM for katalon to actually see the object in those lists.