is there any way to have project level variable(not the global variable) in Kelton and use that in all execution profile

I have case where a need to use one value in all the execution profile and that value i need to pass at the run time (like the command line options) (or) if you know any other way to handle this like as setup script or some other things, pls let me know

Please tell us the reason why you do not like GlobalVariables. The reason would tell us what you really want, how an alternative should be.

I will be running my test case against different environment like dev and qa using the separate profile for dev and qa … But the sensitivity information like password and all we don’t want to have in profile… I have that in azure key vault… so when ever I need… I ll connect and get from there … and I don’t want to keep the client id and secret ( used to connect key value) in the code or profile… I want to pass that in run time comment line options or argument and use that in code … any way to achieve this ??

Hi friend,

I am one user of Katalon. With your situation, you can create variable but not provide its value in the profile

When running by command line, you can input the value so that no one can known your data

Thanks Loc.nguyen. This will help