Is there any way to be added before testsuite logs to html report

I am running test suites using a test suite collection. For each suite, I need to execute the “beforeTestSuite” listeners to ensure smooth execution of the test suite. The tests are running correctly, but I cannot see the logs from the “beforeTestSuite” listeners in the HTML report. I have attached screenshots for your reference.

Is there anything that I might have overlooked? Can you provide guidance on how to achieve this?


Let me ask my team and seek for help

Thanks for your reply, Mate.

Is there any update?

@kazurayam. I need your input on this

I don’t understand your question.

You wrote

this tells me you are doing somehting in a Test Listener class.

However you attached a screenshot:

This is not a Test Listener.

So I do not understand what you are doing, what you want to do.

I would like to add the execution logs of the setUp() method to the HTML report. How can I achieve this?

I have never used setup() method. I have no idea.

@kazurayam - Thanks. @Elly_Tran - Waiting for your reply

Katalon provides no customizability for the built-in report. You would not be able to find your way to change the HTML report.


Sorry for my late response. As mentioned in this doc Test Fixtures and Test Listeners (Test Hooks) in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs, @beforeTestSuite only generates a sample template testing, so it does not contribute to the final status of the test. Therefore, I think the operation of @beforeTestSuite will not be captured in the report. If you want your code is generated in Test Suite report, please use setUpTestCase. Read the doc for the instruction. Thank you!